Octopus refer a Friend

Use my 2024 Octopus refer a friend code amber-lion-244 to share £100 bonus which is £50 each from Octopus Energy and switching will be faster for you. Switching is fast and easy and my new referral code is guaranteed to work the first time. If you are a Business customer please follow the instructions below on how to get £100 cashback.

When you tap my Octopus referral link you will be transferred to their website for a quick quote and, if you are happy with it, you can join Octopus Energy there and then.

You don’t have to type in my Octopus referral code on their website it will follow automatically when you tap my referral code. After joining Octopus your £100 or £50 bonus will be applied to your account, usually within 2 – 3 weeks.

Tap to get a £50 bonus using my 2024 Octopus Energy referral code amber-lion-244. If you are a Business customer, to receive a £100 bonus, just tap the share button, scroll down to “Looking for business supply”, tap “find out more” submit your details for a quick quote, switch and get £100 cashback.

Please take a screenshot of this page, copy the following information, or bookmark this page in your browser in case you need it later. If you need my referral code to manually receive your octopus energy switch bonus it is amber-lion-244.

My email address is OctopusReferaFriend@gmail.com

Switch to Octopus Energy and get £50 cashback you will then get your own Octopus referral a friend code so you can recommend a friend and share £100 too. After your friend switches, the £100 bonus will be shared between you and deposited to your account within a few weeks. Business customers get £100 cashback when they switch.

How to switch to Octopus Energy and get £50 cashback, just tap my referral code, answer a few simple questions about your usage, switch and get your £50 cashback in 2-3 weeks.

Energy companies will have to pay a new customer £30 if they don’t complete the switch in 5 days starting April 1st 2024. That means you could get a total of £80 when you switch. See Ofgem implements 5 day switch guarantee.

Octopus refer a friend tap to share £100
octopus refer a friend

How to switch by phone using my Octopus Refer a Friend code in 4 easy steps.

Time needed: 2 minutes

  1. Have a copy of your last bill if possible as Octopus Energy may need to know how much electricity and gas you use. You can find these details on any bill but your last bill will be the most accurate. If you don’t know your yearly usage don’t worry, the Octopus Energy agent will help you determine this.
  2. Tap my Octopus Referral Code to switch to Octopus Energy as this is the easiest way to switch and receive £100 or £50 bonus within a few weeks. If there is a problem, then please call Octopus Energy on 0808 1693274, this is a free call. Let the Agent know you want to transfer your Gas and Electric to Octopus. They will ask you a few questions about your requirements and will then take some details
  3. If accepted you will receive a welcome package within a few minutes by email. Click on the “create a password link”, and type in a password and this will then take you to your account.
  4. What if joined Octopus without an Octopus Energy refer a friend code? Just log into your account, scroll down and click on Forgot your referral, then just copy and paste my refer a friend code amber-lion-244, and tap send. You should receive your £50 bonus within a few weeks.
Octopus refer a friend

If you are thinking of switching to Octopus you can tap my refer a friend code or you can call Octopus Energy at 0808 1693274 (a free call), or send an email with your account number, name and address and your friends referral code to hello@octopus.energy asking for your £50 referral bonus.

Octopus Energy Tariffs

When you switch to Octopus you will placed on their standard variable tariff, you will then be able to login into your online account and choose from a variety of standard variable, fixed or smart tariffs.
Octopus has tailored their smart tariffs to suit modern usage models. Smart tariffs are contingent on you having a smart meter with a reliable connection to the network. Octopus’ smart tariffs have turned the industry on it’s head.

Octopus refer a friend

Octoplus is a new Octopus reward scheme for loyal customers. You can switch to Octopus Energy using my referral code here, get £50 cashback then join Octoplus and earn Octopoints during saving sessions, submit meter readings or you can refer a friend. You can convert Octopoints into instant cash, account credit or purchase merchandise at discount prices.

Customers get free coffee at Greggs once a week, simply login to your account, scan the QR code then present it at a participating Greggs for a small free coffee.
Customers can also get a National Trust pass for just £7.50. The pass is for 2 and is issued once a quarter, just login to buy your National Trust tickets, valued at £44, for just 6000 Octopoints.
You can now enjoy 25% off eating out at five national restaurant chains, customers who have joined Octoplus can activate a QR code on their website for free.
Like the movies? Get 2 tickets for the Odeon cinema for just £10.

Octopus saving sessions is a great way to earn credit or cash and help save the planet at the same time. To join in the sessions you need to join the Octoplus scheme. You can earn Octopoints by shifting or saving as much electricity as you can during a Saving Session.

Octopus will notify you of the saving session by email, App or, when there is very short notice, by a WhatsApp group text. You must accept the invitation in order to participate. If you participate and don’t save energy there is no penalty and you may win Octopoints in the draw.

Participants don’t need to actually save energy, you just need to shift usage out of the session hours, usually between 5pm-6pm. Octopus compares your usage during the saving session with your average usage during the previous 10 days during the same time frame, previous session days will be excluded.

Can you really save money by joining Octopus Saving Sessions? Yes you can, and for me it was really easy, all I did was to turn off all unnecessary appliances for an hour or so (sometimes I was not at home so those were really easy).

How much did I earn? As you can see from my results, for seven Saving Sessions I saved 5 kWh which is £1.36 worth of electricity BUT Octopus paid me a whopping £14.07 which equates to 52 kWh so they paid me 10x what I saved (or moved).

Octopus Energy saving sessions results

At the end of these Octopus saving sessions customers saved (or moved) a total of 711,821 kWh , which probably prevented firing up a coal burning generating station during those evenings. I would highly recommend a friend to join Octopus saving sessions.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get an Octopus refer a friend code?

After you have switched using my referral link you can get your refer a friend code from your dashboard. Tap “copy” and then paste it into a text or email, then send it to your friends or family and you will both receive a £50 credit to your accounts if they switch.

What is the new customer offer on Octopus?

The new customer offer on Octopus Energy is a £50 bonus when you switch using my 2024 Octopus referral code amber-lion-244. Tap to switch and you will receive your £50 joining bonus within 2-3 weeks.

Does Octopus still do refer a friend?

Yes, Octopus still does refer a friend and it’s very simple to use, just tap my Octopus referral link and you will be able to switch using the Octopus Energy refer a friend scheme. After you switch you will get a £50 bonus and your own Octopus refer a friend code to send to family and friends.

Is Octopus Energy taking on new customers?

Yes, Octopus Energy is taking on new Customers online and by phone. You can switch to Octopus Energy and use their new customer offer by tapping my refer a friend code amber-lion-244 and your account will be credited with a £50 or £100 referral bonus within a few weeks. A new customer will also get their own £50 Octopus referral code to refer their friends and family too.

How much is the Octopus referral bonus?

The amount of referral bonus depends on whether you are a residence or a business customer. A residence will receive a £50 bonus and a business customer will receive a £100 bonus when they switch to Octopus using my referral code amber-lion-244.

What is an Octopus referral link?

An Octopus referral link lets you switch to Octopus Energy and get £50 or £100 cashback. My referral link is share.octopus.energy/amber-lion-244. After you have signed up using my referral link it can typically take 2 weeks to receive your £50 or £100 sign up reward.

Where can I find Octopus Energy reviews?

You can find Octopus Energy reviews on Trustpilot, they have over 276,,000 customer reviews with an overall score of 4.8. Nearly all Octopus Energy reviews are positive with over 245,693 five star reviews. Trustpilot has rated Octopus Energy as an excellent utility company and they have been a top Which recommended supplier seven years in row.

Is Octopus Energy any good?

Octopus is rated the best energy supplier on Trustpilot with over 240,000 real customer reviews, 89% are rated five stars. The majority of reviews are positive.

How do I find out my energy usage?

You can find out your energy usage on a recent utility statement. It will tell you your energy usage and costs over the past year. This will help you when you want to switch your energy provider.

Octopus Energy Utility statement

How do I get a £50 bonus when switching to Octopus Energy?

Switching to Octopus Energy and getting a £50 bonus is easy, just tap my Octopus refer a friend button which will take you to their website where you can switch. By using my Octopus Energy unique code amber-lion-244 you will get a £50 bonus within 2-4 weeks after you switch.

Is Octopus Energy the cheapest?

Yes, Octopus Energy is the cheapest if you join their tracker tariff that follows cheap wholesale energy prices daily. Octopus uses smart meters to design affordable energy tariffs and stay one of the cheapest energy suppliers out there.

Octopus Energy cheapest supplier

How do I refer a friend to Octopus Energy?

After you switch using my refer a friend code amber-lion-244 you can refer a friend to Octopus Energy by logging into your account, scroll down until you see refer your friends, just tap the pink copy link button, then paste the code into a text, message, or email. If your friend joins you will both get £50 from Octopus Energy within 2-3 weeks.

Is it easy to switch to Octopus Energy?

Yes, it is easy to switch to Octopus Energy. Tap my refer a friend code amber-lion-244, answer a few questions about your energy usage and you will switch in about 3 days. You will also receive £100 or £50 bonus and you do not need to advise your current supplier.

What is an Octopus referral code?

An Octopus Energy referral code is a unique code that you will receive when you switch using my 2024 Octopus Energy referral code amber-lion-244. You can refer a friend by sending your new Octopus referral code to them and you will both get £100 bonus or £50 bonus if they switch.

Octopus Energy friends get £50 credit